Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Strategy Statement

Vision statement - We see a self-sustaining and integrated grassroots movement of entrepreneurial leaders building human capital, infrastructure, the church, civil society and the nation from the inside out and from the bottom up.

Our general areas of focus include, but not limited to, investing in: 
  1. Human Capital – Education and Training: We see self-sustaining and integrated schools, community college, libraries, health facilities, institutes, universities, businesses and community groups in the villages, townships, and cities of Africa. These are world-class, bible-based, Christ-centered, and self-sustaining. These must meet international standards and produce the intellectual, economic, cultural, civic, social, and religious leaders that Africa needs.
  2. Infrastructure: We see Africans equipped with the character and competences necessary to build the infrastructure for energy (electricity, gas, solar, etc), information technology, public transportation, water, sanitation and waste disposal.
  3. The Church: We see the church in Africa becoming a more thoughtful communicator of the gospel, a powerful advocate for love-laced, Christ-centered, and bible-based reconciliation, and a champion for peace and justice in Africa.
  4. Civil Society: We see civil society in Africa serving all economic groups, especially the poor.  We see civic and religious groups serving the poor, building bridges of reconciliation and moving towards a more united Africa in which her people are guaranteed basic human rights, including but not limited to, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit meaning. 

We see our grassroots movement becoming the premier instrument for demonstrating the power of the love of Jesus Christ to transform individuals from the inside out and to build communities from the bottom up.

Mission statement - To build and employ entrepreneurial leaders at the grassroots through sustainable and integrated projects designed to transform the individual from the inside out and to build the nation from the bottom up.

We inspire people at the grassroots:

  1. To generate finances to sustain the activities of our grassroots movements.
  2. To bring the benefits of modern art, science, technology, and business to the masses through education.
  3. To develop the character, competence, resources, and accountability necessary for leadership in solving community problems.
  4. To mobilize people to accept the primary responsibility for solving their own problems and then begin to sacrifice in order to solve those problems.

In so doing these leaders through their actions that benefit the whole community, become a daily visible demonstration of the power of the love and liberty of Jesus Christ to transform Africa in every aspect of individual and community life. These lovers of Africa begin with transforming the individual from the inside out and then proceed to building the nation from the bottom up.

Strategy statement - Our strategy is grassroots participatory development, in which the young and old, male and female at the grassroots participate in our Torches (small community groups), sustainable Torch projects, education, training and employment.

We love our people by training them in holistic community development, so that they can establish networks of integrated, self-sustaining projects designed to encourage, equip, empower and mentor both the young and old, male and female at the grassroots.
What constitutes grassroots Participatory Model of Development? 
  1. Grassroots Participation in Decision-Making: Local Torchbearers come up with project ideas and initial plans for self-sustaining and integrated projects and programs. Ideas, programs and projects from our leaders are implemented after the local people have “bought into” those ideas, programs and projects
  2. Grassroots Participation in Implementation: Local people participate in the implementation of our self-sustaining and integrated projects. They do so as individuals or as a community group (called a Torch) or a group of Torches. Non-locals are brought in only when local talent isn’t available.
  3. Grassroots Participation in Evaluation: Local people are encouraged to give feedback and evaluation during and after the implementation of our self-sustaining and integrated projects and programs.
  4. Grassroots Participation in Benefit: Our self-sustaining and integrated projects and programs are intended for the benefit of all in need in our local community and beyond.

Motto: Sustainingly and integratively transforming the individual from the inside out and then building the nation from the bottom up.

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The Torchbearer Foundation for Missions, Reconciliation & Development is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Martin Niboh (PhD Physics and Dr. Alfred K. Njamnshi (MD, MA, DMS, FMH Neurology) to train holistic community development and establish networks of integrated self-sustaining projects to achieve a healthy and economically improved faith-based lifestyle. © 2011 Torchbearer Foundation for MRD. All Rights Reserved