The Thirteen Departments

Each of our Christian discipleship centers (called Christian Community Development Centers) comprise of thirteen departments. Each department addresses a serious development need in western African. The Foundations goal is to assist Torch-inspired programs/projects within the these departments as well as across departments as needed to inspire efficient and effective integrated system of discipleship ministries – in effect helping in the campaign by the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole community.

I - Gospel Communication

  • In the villages and cities: Torches, Beams, Sparks, Flames, (weekly small group meetings), and Flashes (monthly Saturday celebration get-together of all small groups in a given location).
  • In the schools and universities: Torches, Beams, Sparks, Flames, and Flashes.
  • In the market place, public place, and in the professions: Torches, Beams, Sparks, Flames, and Flashes (businesspersons, civil-servants, farmers, lawyers, police, taxi-drivers, etc)
  • Torchbearer radio, TV, newspaper, printing/publishing house, etc.

II - Spiritual Development

  • Programs that focus on life-long Christian character development programs for youths and adults.
  • Programs that encourage the working out of Christian character in the market place, the public place, and the private place.

III - Leadership Development

  • Seminars, workshops, conference etc, that focus on leaders involved in discipleship through community transformation
  • Networking of pastors, business, and community leaders in every village or city

IV - Business Development

  • Full service computer technology centers
  • Full service automobile technology centers
  • A construction company
  • Restaurant Chain
  • Business partnerships with the emerging entrepreneurs we develop

V - Economic Development

  • Electricity alternatives
  • Gas generation from waste
  • Road infrastructure
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Transportation: Motorcycle and automobile program
  • Other infrastructure critical for business productivity

VI - Intellectual Development

  • Eliminate school fees for primary school for all children in the village
  • Increasing school attendance by girls
  • School meals with locally produced and nutritionally balanced foods
  • Secondary school and Higher education work-study programs
  • Community library in every village
  • International exchange programs that spread the benefits of advancements in art, science, technology, and division of labor to the grassroots of Africa.

VII - Professional (Vocational) Development

  • Agricultural technology training
  • Food technology
  • Automobile and Diesel technology
  • Computer technology – software & hardware
  • Carpentry
  • Construction technology
  • Tailoring
  • Business systems technology
  • Welding technology
  • Drafting and Design technology

VIII - Health Development

  • Village health clinics
  • Community health centers
  • Hospitals
  • Train health professionals

IX - Social Development

  • Focus on pregnant and lactating mothers
  • Programs that focus on children less than 5 years old
  • Opportunities for underutilized men
  • More efficient locally produced gas cook stoves
  • Improved kitchen ventilation
  • Initiatives targeted at widows and orphans
  • Rehabilitation of the physically handicapped
  • Creating Gender Responsive Infrastructure

X - Disease prevention Development

  • Malaria
  • HIV/AIDS and TB
  • Village Clinics
  • Village health care workers
  • Latrines
  • Gas generation from waste – village energy supplies
  • Household Water Supply
  • Water Supply for Schools and Medical Facilities
  • Water filtration and purification
  • Gathering and Communication of medical information

XI - Environmental Development

  • Crop Productivity
  • Animal Agriculture
  • Seed quality and availability
  • Agricultural Education and extension
  • Post-harvest handling and marketing
  • Water quality & Management
  • Agro-forestry & Biodiversity

XII - Cultural Development

  • Replace celebrations of death with celebrations of life
  • Secure the same rights for females as for males
  • Eliminate other cultural barriers to development

XIII - Civic Development

  • The Freedom project - Citizenship Education – human rights, civil rights, elimination of corruption, promotion good governance, etc
  • The Africa project - to place Africa under one constitution
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