Executive Director Cameroon - Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis, was commissioned at the Evangelical Covenant Church 125th Annual Meeting held in St Paul, Minnesota June 24, 2010.  She is the first African American Missionary in the ECC.  Her country of service is Yaoundé Cameroon, West Africa, where she is pursuing holistic community development determining the needs of underserved communities with the aim of establishing long-term self sustaining programs to help provide life changing solutions to individuals and communities in the area. 

Davis entered the profession of real estate, specializing in property management, where she worked and managed a diverse portfolio of properties from stadiums and Chicago Public schools, high rise residential complexes as well as public housing and affordable and low income housing and shopping malls. In addition to management she was a real estate Instructor at Harold Washington City College and an Instructor NeighborWorks® American Training Institute, providing direct instructions in the whole spectrum of residential property management.

In the area of community development Davis’ work started with Mary Nelson at Bethel New Life, Chicago and extended to other community development groups before working for the for- profit sector.  Her major focus of studies at Chicago State University and University of Illinois at Chicago was community development.  She continued her holistic community development training in CHE and ECHO.

During her formative years Davis learned about Jesus and his mercy. She grew up not memorizing bible verses but living the words in the bible.  She learned that Jesus wanted us all to be champions of the oppressed and downtrodden.  When there is an emergency in the neighborhood, or around the world, we should care.  Davis feels strongly that one didn’t do good deeds for self gain or for glory or power but it was the right thing to do.   Her mother’s motto was “do unto others as you will have them do unto you”.  My mother and maternal grandmother spoke and lived the “golden rule” they taught me love and compassion, they were doers they didn’t sit on the sideline waiting for someone else to do the job.

Davis received a B.A. from Chicago State University, is a licensed State of Illinois Real Estate Broker, a licensed State of Illinois Real Estate Instructor, a licensed State of Illinois Real Estate Continuing Education Instructor, Certified Property Manager, Institute of Real Estate Management of the National Association of Realtors, Certified Urban Developer and Planner, University of Illinois at Chicago, CHE, ECHO, member of Christian Community Development Association and holds numerous industry-related certifications.

Davis is currently a member of Oakdale Evangelical Covenant Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Born May, 29th, she has a grown daughter Donielle and son- in-law Orlando, and two fabulous grandchildren Morgan Elayne and Myles David, they are members of Shikhani Chapel.

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