Basic Education

The future of Africa depends on how we educate the African youth today. A bible-based, Christ-centered curriculum of education with Christian community development at its core is necessary to empower the children of Africa to develop the character, competence, and the tools needed to solve Africa’s problems.

The African woman remains the most marginalized person on Earth. A good personal relationship with Christ combined with a good education can be a powerful liberating force behind the African woman's struggle for equity and economic independence.

Today, Foundation encouraged Torches (Christian prayer small groups) are educating and mobilizing Africans to accept responsibility for solving their own problems. With the assistance of Foundation provided neighborhood Facilitators and with the establishment of local Christian Community Development Centers Torchbearer Foundation for Missions, Reconciliation and Development is empowering African adults to develop the character, competence, and tools necessary for problem solving. Our mission is to develop character and competence helping students acquire such tools in a way that is consistent with Christian faith is Christian discipleship.

Most importantly, our schools provide a rare-opportunity for sharing about Jesus Christ in areas of Africa where proselytizing is legally prohibited and culturally unacceptable.

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The Torchbearer Foundation for Missions, Reconciliation & Development is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Martin Niboh (PhD Physics and Dr. Alfred K. Njamnshi (MD, MA, DMS, FMH Neurology) to train holistic community development and establish networks of integrated self-sustaining projects to achieve a healthy and economically improved faith-based lifestyle. © 2011 Torchbearer Foundation for MRD. All Rights Reserved